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Selling real estate to buyers abroad doesn’t have to be a hassle

Increase and streamline your sales for free using Ruffo’s cross-border closing facilitation platform.

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Don’t let paperwork derail your sale

Ruffo is a digital platform that simplifies the closing of cross-border real estate transactions.

Using our platform, your buyers abroad can complete required transaction documents from their laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Ruffo prevents your sale from being held up by stringent cross-border legal requirements, helping you close more sales faster, and with less hassle!

Get documents validly signed without hassle or cost

Just tell us what transaction documents your buyer needs to sign. Our cross-border closing facilitation platform takes care of the rest.

Our platform works with your buyers to get closing documents validly signed in the relevant jurisdiction, regardless of where the buyer is located.

The process takes buyers 15 minutes, costs them less than other alternatives and costs you absolutely nothing.

Track every step from your dashboard

Your Ruffo dashboard gives you full control over each transaction and visibility into its status.

From your dashboard you can invite your buyers to Ruffo's platform, create tasks and keep track of each transaction's status.

Close your sale without hassle!

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How does Ruffo benefit my buyers?

With Ruffo
Without Ruffo

From US$150

US$350 - 2,000+


15 minutes

5+ days

In-person trips



Shipping included



Online transaction



Frequently Asked Questions

How does Ruffo's remote signature service work?


Ruffo works with you to successfully complete the signature of documents abroad from your computer, tablet or smartphone, eliminating the need for international flights or consular appointments. Using remote online notarization, you can designate Ruffo or a third party of your choice to serve as attorney-in-fact to sign transaction documents locally on your behalf. This process can be completed in approximately 15 minutes.

How does Ruffo benefit me?


Ruffo allows developers and real estate agents to close more sales in less time, at no cost to the developer or real estate agent. With Ruffo, it is no longer necessary to wait for your buyer to travel abroad to sign documents or go in person to a consulate to sign a power of attorney. The transaction documents can now be signed as soon as they are ready, increasing the likelihood of closing the transaction and reducing costs related to properties that have been fully built but for which title has not been transferred to the buyer.

How does Ruffo benefit my buyer?


With Ruffo, signing documents for a home purchase is easier, faster and cheaper for your buyer than traditional methods.

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